Custom Knife by: Antonio Fogarizzu ~ Engraved by: Simone Fezzardi
Photographs by: Enzo Bertuzzi

~ SOLD ~
Click to make larger imageCustom Folding-Inter-Frame, Lock Back, ATS-34 Stainless Steel, Black Lip Pearl Knife made by Antonio Fogarizzu
Custom Knife by Antonio Fogarizzu
Blade Length: 3 12 inchesClosed Length: 4 34 inchesOverall Length: 8 14 inches
Blade Steel: ATS-34 Stainless SteelHandle Material: Black Lip Pearl
Frame Material: 416 Stainless SteelLocking Mechanism: Lock Back
Another Masterpiece between these 2 Masters! Antonio Fogarizzu makes one of the best, most precise Folders in the World! This beautiful Dagger by him has Black Lip Pearl inlays with Gold Pins thru out. It also has a Gold release and Gold inlay on the Blade. Simply stunning! Now to top it off Simone Fezzardi, one of the best engravers in Italy has done a fantastic job engraving it with a semi-nude Theme. The whole background of the engraving is done with 24 Karat Gold and engraved horizontal lines. Amazing!! The knife is simply outstanding and elegant!
Status: Sold
Stock #: 1079
Maker's Website (Antonio Fogarizzu)Photographer's Website (Enzo Bertuzzi)Engraver's Website (Simone Fezzardi)